Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

In honor of Mothers day I thought I would share this. I found this around this time of year last year. On the front it says My daughter is becoming just like me! Lucky girl! I had planed on getting rid of it (it wasn't my style) before I knew what was on the other side. I had completely forgotten that my mom had gotten it for Jourdan for his birthday. I know it seems like a weird gift for my husband but my mom's gifts sometimes were a little silly. Anyways on the back my mom had written a quick little note to Jourdan that I ABSOLUTELY love now! It says " Dear Jourdan, May you have many wonderful loving memories of laughter, humor, silliness, fun, and compassion with our fiesty, opinionated, excellent mother, wife and daughter Kirsten.
Much Love respect and compassion Cheri and JIm. 
I can not even begin to explain how awesome  it is to have in writing something from my mom. I am so thankful for all of my memories with her. ANd also thankful that I am "becoming just like her".  OK now that I am crying I need to stop writing about my mom. :-)    

I had a great mothers day with my kids. Madysenn was so excited to give me all 50 cards she had made. She even brought me breakfast in bed. Muffin tops with fruit. :-) We had an awesome  dinner at my dads house. And this is pretty shocking..... Got a picture with all 5 of us looking at the camera! Check out Ewan's cheese ball smile. :-) Happy (late) Mothers day! 


Gretchen said...

Wow Kirsten! I'm in tears over here, that is the most wonderful gift. You should try to get it framed or something. It's beautiful. Happy belated Mother's Day. Oh, and I love the family picture... adorable.

sheree said...

that was sweet :)

I am glad you had a great day...happy Mother's Day!

Janae said...

What a great picture of all of you!

Erin B said...

This made me smile... brought back so many memories of your mom! How special to have that!!