Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday Season

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The many sides of Bella :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Long Lost Blog!!

Sorry for the serious lack of blogging. I blame it on being a single mom for 5 weeks, the holidays, and pure exhaustion! Other then totally flaking on some blog updates I feel like the 5 weeks Jourdan was gone went really well. Sure I had a couple moments of wanting to bang my head into a wall but I refrained from doing so. (barley) But for the most part all was good. The kids and I had a good time with each other. If it is at all possible I feel like we even got a little closer. I did learn some things about myself while he was gone. I learned that I can do it. It is funny when your spouse is gone you just grin and bear it, get the job done, because nobody else is legally obligated to come over and do the dishes, laundry, cleaning, butt whipping, gift buying, gift wrapping, car pool driver, .............. I also learned that I only shave my legs during the winter for my husband. :) (TMI??) But once we had him back it was great. The kids and I enjoyed having him home for Christmas very very much!

So some holiday pictures. I will start with the day before Christmas eve. My brother and Uncle have started a tradition of going snow boarding that day and they bring home a ton of snow in the back of my bothers truck. All the kids love it! My cousins are the same age as my girls and the 4 of them had a blast! I am hoping Brent and Joe keep up with the tradition even though I got my brother pretty good in the ear with a snow ball and he said he wouldn't. ;) It was totally worth it!

Ewan was pretty confused by the whole thing. After about 10 minutes we had to bring him in because his fingers were frozen!