Sunday, February 22, 2009

My life in a nutshell......

    * Allergic reactions....... peanut butter is still a no....

     * sick.... to the point of passing out on the couch with all kinds of chaos going on all around. 

    * again SICK ........ passing out kind of sick 

    * Mady was sick also but I didn't want to take any pics of the stomach flu. NOT pretty. I will tell one little bit of the day...... Mady was getting "sick" and I was holding her hair, gaging, Bella walks in and starts gagging, then Ewan walks in and starts laughing. Boys are gorse! He thought the whole thing was cool. 

So that is the reason for the lack of blogging. We are still sick around here. I am going crazy! 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dance Time

Bella, Ewan, and I all rocked out to Michael Jackson. It is so cute to see him dancing. I don't remember the girls dancing so young, but he has a blast. He seemed to want to prove his man hood after dancing and ran over to his "big digger". (tractor) :-) 
I am clearly NOT the film maker of the family since I filmed the whole thing sideways. 

Friday, February 6, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posting! We have been sick AGAIN! This is the 3rd time since New Years that the kids and I have been sick. Jourdan did finally get sick this time also. The best part of all of it is that when we got sick we were in Oregon visiting Jourdan's parents. So we got to drive home (5 hours) all feeling like crap! But we survived and have been cooped up in the house and on the couch for the past 5 days. 

It has been a great excuse to read during the day. I am completely addicted to the Twilight series. Jourdan even surprised me and brought the 3rd one home for me the other day. He scored points for that. :-) Hope everyone is doing well. :-)