Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Husband...... The Director

Most of you know (all 2 of you who read:) that Jourdan is on his way to becoming a Feature Film Director.( http://www.roguerivermovie.com/ ) I can not even begin to explain how excited we all are for him. He leaves us next week to start filming his first movie in Oregon. He is so excited to have a couple of "big" name actors. (big name if your into horror movies) Jourdan is such a hard working dedicated person that I am sure he will do amazing at his job. Me on the other hand.... My job for the next month while he is gone will be single mom. I don't think I will be as amazing as him. Good yes (most days) amazing.......????? The idea of him being gone so long has made me way more emotional then I thought I would be. This is the longest we will go without seeing each other in 12 years. Thank God for ichat. :)
**Disclaimer*** Although Jourdan looks all important in this photo Really we were on a hike and he was talking to his MOM!! Don't want it all to go to his head. :) Love you Babe.