Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 inches

Madysenn made the big decision last week to cut her hair. I had gone to get her from school and she jumped in the car and said she was ready. Was I? No. As much as her hair was a pain I really loved it. Maybe because I desperately want long hair. :-) So on a whim we went in to get her hair cut. She was SO excited. I cried. It was a lot shorter then I thought it was going to be. She cut 10 inches and it wasn't to short but then she kept cutting it shorter. I really do like it now. She looks very spunky. These pictures are not the best but they are all I have so far. :-) We ended up donating her hair to locks of love. She has said for years that she wanted to give her hair to people that had none. I am very proud of her big decision. Bella now says when she is 6 she wants to do the same thing. 


Gretchen said...

OMG!! When I saw the "10 inches" title, I knew Maddy got her hair cut. Wow, that must have been tough for you :( But, on the up side her hair looks adorable and it was for a good cause. Gracie is getting her hair cut in July, she needs some taming ;)

Carly said...

NO WAY! you didn't tell me that this morning!!!! i almost cried reading your post, because i know i have an emotional attachment to macy's hair, and she's only 3! weird the things we cry about :) but i am proud of you for letting her do it, especially because she persistently asked... and she has such a cute face, her short hair is totally cute. and it is perfect timing for summer :) have you told mikala - she recently did the same thing you know (without the donating)!