Saturday, May 30, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posting. But my computer crashed! We (meaning Jourdan) have been working on the computer for the past couple of weeks. I now have a working computer but for the time being have lost ALL of my pictures from 2005 to present. Needless to say I have been freaking out! Jourdan promises that (for a price) they can be saved. So here is a tip unless you want to pay hundreds saving pictures BACK UP! So for now I have no pictures. But I will soon. 

This is my friend Sheree's little girl she is having heart surgery next month and her and her family need our prayers. You can check out her blog in my blog list. The Phamily blog. 


sheree said...

oh no! That happened to me a coup;e of years ago and I am still sad over all of the pictures I lost :( I am so glad you will be able to recover yours!

Thanks for posting Gabby's button! We can use all of the prayers we can get!

Emily said...

That is the worst! We backup through an online service that isn't too expensive. I know there's others that are similar, ours is Hope you get your photos back soon, I would be freaking out too! Hugs!