Monday, October 19, 2009

Field Trip

Last week Bella and I headed to Bishops pumpkin Farm. I had never been before..... WOW! It is huge! It was fun getting to do something with just Bella. Her favorite part was the pig races mine was the apple pie. She did not want to share with me. :)
Bella with possibly the sweetest boy ever, Trey. :)
After this picture was taken the lady commented on how much Bella looks like me.


Janae said...

I loved Bishops when I was a kid, my family always went there. I can't wait to take Ronin! Bella is starting to look more and more like you, she is so beautiful!

Emily said...

We LOVE Bishops! Love the picture of you two together!

sheree said...

Bishops is super fun!

Bella is SO your carbon copy, Kirsten. I think that every single time I see a picture of her. Too cute!