Wednesday, November 12, 2008

random thoughts

* How the heck do you teach a 6 year old to tie her shoes? I tried explaining it to her and she got fed up and said "I will never learn! I will never tie my shoes even when I'm OLD like you!"  Then runs away screaming. UGH!!

* The attitude from a 6 year old (maybe it is just mine) sucks! Yesterday she told me she would "never give me kisses and hugs again!" because she lost desert for the next 2 days. That comment made her loose out on another 2 days. 

* I am becoming my mother. A couple of years ago that would have bugged me but now not having her around it is like one more memory bonus. 

* Since I have had Ewan I am late to EVERYTHING!! It is all his fault I have decided. :)

* Top Chef starts again tonight!!

* I am ready to decorate for Christmas! If the stores are why can't I?

* I am sooo excited for Christmas because I love all of it but in the same breath very sad about Christmas because this was also my moms favorite holiday. It is also my first Christmas without her which makes me very sad.  

* Jourd just sent me the prettiest tulips......He is on the every 11 year plan. :) 11 Years ago next month he bought me tulips. So I should get my next ones in the year 2019!! 


Gretchen said...

If it makes you feel any better I already put up some Christmas decorations and I'm drinking coffee out of a Holiday mug. I love Christmas and if it makes you feel closer to your mom I say start decorating :0) I know what you mean with sounding like your mother. I catch myself saying the same phrases my mother would say to me."I have had it up to here with you.""You are going to get it young lady." Same voice and everything. Creepy.

Carly said...

good boy, sending tulips!
i am also becoming my mom.
i am also excited for christmas :)
i am always late... i never thought of blaming cameron. i will do that more now!