Monday, November 3, 2008

Random thoughts

* Why do I always come up with good blog ideas in bed then in the morning my mind is blank?

*Why are kids toys so freaking hard to put together?
*I am so ready for winter! :) 
*The hippie in me wishes that I had used cloth diapers with all of my kids not just my last. :( 
*I am so excited to VOTE!


Anonymous said...

um i always come up with the best ideas before night! and then in the morning - nothing. i am so excited for the vote and i dont even live there right now.....its just such an important event, for the world!

btw i have never told you this but your kids are absolutely goregous, i love all of your pictures of them - they are just beautiful. your oldest looks exactly like maggie grace - she is an actress that was in lost a few years ago-but maybe you have been told that before because the resemblance is uncanny!

Gretchen said...

That story of you daughter and the Yes on 8 people made me laugh so hard. And I'll be voting yes on 2, I've been trying to convince Nathan to vote yes on it too. Right now I'm making an OBAMA shirt, we didn't have the time to order a shirt to get it by Nov. 4th.

sheree said...

you should have seen the stash of cloth diapers I had before I even got preggo with Gabs. I had the best intentions but then I ended up thinking it would be too hard and I sold them all :(