Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cute words

Is it wrong that I get a kick out of the words my kids mispronounce? I think it is so cute. I also know it is only temporary so I don't do a whole lot of correcting. :) Some of the things Bella says are kiweed rather then kiwi, caterpilder, (caterpillar) and The PBS man, rather then the UPS man. The only thing Mady still says "wrong" is Bell peppers, she calls them vell peppers.:) I remember I used to call lawn mowers mow lawners. I outgrew it just like they will. Now if only Ewan would talk!!!


sheree said...

hey, I do the SAME thing!!

When I was a kid, I called lawn mowers "Mawn lowers." I still do, occasionally.

I also catch myself repeatedly saying "gril" in place of "girl." Cameron always is sure to tell Gabby what a pretty gril she is, haha! Oh, and he also calls bell peppers "pepper bells." I could go on for days. :)