Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mother Daughter Campout

 On Friday Madysenn and I headed out of town with her girl scout troop to camp Flemming. This was the second time I had been. I went when I was 6 or 7 with my mom and girl scout troop.  We ended up having a really good time. We did all kinds of crafts, did makeovers, and ate LOTS of junk food. :-) When we came home Saturday Mady slept almost the whole car ride then slept from 3 to about 5:30. She was beat! 

Her troop
Mady looking like she is having a blast at the campfire. :-) 
Mady and I in the mess hall. 

Mady and her friends Kira and Brielle. 


Gretchen said...

I love Camp Flemming, we had so many Girl Scout trips there. I have tons of pics. of Kathleen, Kristine, Krissy, and I when we went there from age 5-12. Awww...they grow up so fast.

Kyle said...

hi i live in ny and just wanted to say that i hate roseville !!!!!