Monday, January 19, 2009

They did it........ Again

Well Ewan ended up in the ER with RSV on Sunday. This is the second time he has had it but it was much worse this time. When we took him in he was having such a hard time breathing and had only slept about 6 hours in 3 days. He was miserable. He is doing a little better today. They sent us home after debating weather or not to keep him over night. We had to give him breathing treatments at the hospital and at home. You would have thought we were trying to torture him. Every time he freaked out! He is finally loosing his voice which is sad but.... a little funny. (I know... bad mom) I took this pic of him as we were getting ready to head out. So he wasn't "hooked" up to anything anymore.  

Bella did it again this weekend. The kid just can't help it. She HAS to draw on herself. I took the bottom pic first after she drew whiskers and said she was a cat. I didn't even notice the forehead until bed time. Mady thought she would help anyone out who didn't know she was a cat. I didn't even take pics of it all but they drew claws on her toes and a tale on her back. Mady had not one spot on her but made sure to mark up her sister. Ugh! I have now taken all markers away until they show me they wont do this again. But really how can you not laugh at that face?


Gretchen said...

Poor guy, I hope he's doing better. We had to take Gracie to the hospital a couple of weeks ago. I think I take the cake on worst mom. I was carrying her down the stairs and I slipped and fell she twisted her little ankle:( Needless to say she now walks up and down the stairs on her own...with some help.

And for the cat pics. too funny. She is such a crack-up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirsten, you daughter is such a little character, her pictures make me smile! How do you keep a straight face trying to punish them and take away their markers? This may be a dumb non-parent questions, but what is RSV? I hope Ewan gets better soon. x

sheree said...

poor ewan :( I hope he starts feeling better VERY soon. We are terrified of RSV finding its way to Gabs. Thankfully, she gets a shot every month to prevent it due to her heart issues but it could still invade her little body. Ugh. I hate this time of year.

Your girls are SO cute! I totally would not be able to keep a straight face. :)

Kirsten & Dallan said...

Hey Kirsten I found my way to your blog from Sheree's....I just about died of laughter when I saw the marker on your daughter's face; my good friends daughter just did this but wrote dog! Must be an age thing! Hopefully your son gets better soon!

Carly said...
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Carly said...

well, in their defense, in my opinion they did an excellent job of making her an accurate cat: whiskers, tail, label (spelled correctly and with nice handwriting), hair on her chest, claws... pretty thorough! i am SO glad you got it documented with photos.

i might say... watch out for her desire to get tatoos when she gets older! she has a natural love for marking up that body! is she a daddy's girl by any chance? ;)