Friday, May 16, 2008

Switched at Birth????

OK so I know he looks just like Jourdan in this picture and I am only joking about the switched at birth, but this little boy is so different than my girls!! Since he has started sleeping through the night he thinks 5:50 AM is a good time to wake up for the day where as the girls will sleep well past 7:30 and most of the time Bella will sleep until after 8.  The girls also start off every meal by saying "how much do we HAVE to eat" and last night Ewan ate TWO jars of food for dinner (1) stage 1 and (1) stage 2. The girls NEVER ate that much as babies. I don't think Bella eats that much now. : ) He also hardly ever cries. We all know how the girls were (are) with there crying. :(  Oh and the whole blond hair and blue eyes????  It is just crazy to me that my third child can be so different than the first 2. I am sure the older he gets I will start to see some more similarities.